Breathe smart. Save costs. Increase productivity.

The Sensedge is the first in the industry to use removable sensor modules to replace the traditional, costly calibration processes for long-term accuracy with minimal maintenance.

  • Customised measurements for any environment
  • Low maintenance, high quality
  • Seamless implementation 
  • Easy & accessible reporting


Kaiterra’s best-in-class sensors and cloud-based calibration technology connects to the Switched on Space dashboard and provides the most accurate and reliable air quality readings for your building.

The signature modular design allows customisable modules to fit specific monitoring requirements and completely removes the need for the traditional costly calibration processes.


Accessible data

Your data is yours forever, period.

Available to you via the Switched on Space dashboard, export and download historical data as frequently as you need. 

Product excellence every step of the way

At Switched on Space we only offer high-quality and best in class technology.  Kaiterra’s sensors have been strenuously tested from design to manufacturing and implementation. The multiple step quality control process ensures that you get the best service from our solutions.